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Photo by Sharina Tan


Pre-prom, During-prom, and Post-prom

I wasn’t able to blog about my Prom experience last February so I’m blogging about it right now. Hehe. I was date-less during Prom because my mom forbids me to be with human beings of the opposite gender (but hey I was introduced to a lot of my classmates’ prom dates, haha.)

The Winter Solstice was our prom’s ~*~Grand Title~*~ and though it wasn’t mentioned, I think Narnia was our theme. I don’t have the exact photos of the entire event but we entered a castle of some sort, leading to a closet (filled with coats), a lamp post, and other Winter-y things that you could imagine. *throws snow* 

I spent most of my Prom time with Zaira and we crazily danced the night away (…. that sounds so cliche.) I honestly don’t dance in public so I hope no one watched me whilst the showing of my poor dancing skills.

We brought home Syberian Husky….. Stuffed toys c/o Blue Magic! I’m too lazy to take photos but I’ll try to post them this summer.

Unfortunately, I had some regrets afterwards. There’s this part of me that wanted to bring a date just to experience it but it already happened so I guess I’ll just wait for someone to prompose to me next school year? Kidding.


Fan Art by Gillian!

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