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Met my twin, Guen and also pretty pretty Nades!! 

Guen gave me Hello Kitty glasses and we wore it together kasi nga, twins kami. =)) She’s so cute and bubbly and huhu KAWAII!! Meanwhile, Nades is bubblier and tall and yeah she had to bend a little when my sister took a photo of us~ ;u; 

Too bad Marian wasn’t able to come! :( I hope to see you pretty girls again soon!! ♥ 

  1. lovechic said: You’re the cute girls who kept calling Crissey achi! :) Hi there :)
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    Celina (Celinatheunicorn) and Guen (dollifieddreams) x Style Studded!!!
  3. fumbledbuttons said: KAYO HA I’M CRYIGN :(((((((((
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