The Original Unicorn

Reese Lansangan ”is many things she can’t compromise.” I met her last 2009 in the Philippine-Korean Friendship Festival and I didn’t know much about her then but I’ll never forget her she wore a weird headpiece of some sort (I will never forget that purple metallic headwrap!!! =)))

A few months after, I discovered her old blog, Dressed-Up Days. I backread almost all her posts and I’d sometimes comment in her different blog posts, to show how much I “fangirl” over her~ We became friends in Twitter and she was so nice and approachable. :’) I’ve met her thrice already, I think? (Adding the SHINee performance) She was one of my idols ever since I found her blog, and she still is(along with my other idol of whom I was surprised to know that they were schoolmates OHMYGAS). :)

I once described Ate Reese as a ball of yarn containing musical notes, higad bracelets, Barbie Doll heads, Tie-dyes, Paint, Sequins, etc. which is quite true. She’s very artistic; She loves to sing and play her guitar (which is filled with sparkling gems and a RAINBOW, you guys. A RAINBOW.)

What I love the most about Ate Reese is that she isn’t afraid to dress-up. You’ll see her wearing the most bizarre accessories, neon clothes, metallic boots, etc. She can carry anything!! 

She’s a singerentrepreneur, graphic designer, fashion icon, unicorn.

And I guess I’m just her “unicorn apprentice” of some sort? :) ♥ 


I know this feature is a bit…. Random, and I know that it doesn’t give that much justice to Ate Reese’s awesomeness but I wanted some Reeseypeasy in my blog, okay? =)) I still hope you guys like it!! I had a hard time choosing the photos because I love every single one of them. ;__;

I still dream of having a photoshoot / cover with Ate Reese someday~ (Along with Ate Kaila for the photoshoot HIHI MY LIFE WILL BE COMPLETE) ♥

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