Still Alive

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Hi! Yes, I’m still alive!


Other than my lack of blog posts for the past months, school has been eating me whole with finals coming up this week. I’ve actually been frustrated because of my (outdated) blog but I’m preparing for its 3rd birthday this September! I’m honestly not sure how things will turn out but I’m really hoping to be able to bring this blog back to life. Please do bear with me (and my low-quality photos) ❤

Striped top from Wasteland MNL | Black skirt & tights from ROMWE | Black bow flats from Shoebox 

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Wanderrgirl HOHOL

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I’m an awkward person and I believe that’s a given when I meet someone unfamiliar to me for the first time. Risking that fact, I signed-up for Arriane Serafico of Wanderrgirl’s “Wanderrgirl HOHOL” in a heartbeat after I got her e-mail about it. In return, she gave me details about the event but she didn’t mention who I was going to spend my two hours with. Unfamiliar people. Yikes. 


I arrived a bit late at Bar Dolci and I as I was going upstairs, I could already hear laughter. Bright smiles welcomed me as I awkwardly joined their circle. 

We had introductions: Name, age, school, and our superpower — of which I chose being a grandma as a superpower because of my love for crocheting, knitting, and sewing. (Which isn’t really obvious)

Fast forward to other things we did, although I’ve never met any of them beforehand, it felt like I have. They all had their own story to tell and own dreams to reach and it made me feel so welcomed to be around like-minded people. I also appreciated how Ate Arriane and Ate Lorra gave me a few advice with a dilemma that’s been bothering me for the past months. 


We ended the HOHOL by making a to-do list that we have to accomplish in the next 6(?) months. Spot mine (with my weird penmanship)! 


I can’t wait for the next Wanderrgirl event! ❤ Read the Wanderrgirl article about this HOHOL here!


This HOHOL was done last June and I can’t believe I actually left this post in my drafts. Better late than never?

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July Blog Update

July 12, 2014 / 9 ♥ / Comments

I actually stared at the computer screen for a good 10 minutes because I couldn’t think of anything to blog even though I’ve been telling myself for the past week to blog about something interesting to liven up my ”dead” blog. 


The past weeks have been comprised of going to school, doing plates, sleeping past midnight finishing the plates, crocheting, neglecting my blog, and a lot more uninteresting things. 

BUT FEAR NOT! My blog’s not really dead… Yet. 

Along with the blog I’ve been neglecting, I’ve actually been really lazy to post-process the photos I took while we were in the US last April to May.


As a possible way to be more active on my blog, here’s one of the photos I took while we were in New York (and also the hotel we stayed at!). Please do anticipate my future travel posts! 

I posted this two months ago on my Instagram but if you haven’t watched it, here’s a “sneak peek” of one of the videos I’m working on! 

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June 08, 2014 / 37 ♥ / Comments

Being able to plan outfits for college is definitely not an easy task. You’d be contemplating whether your outfit’s “decent” enough for school and if it compliments with the current weather we have right now. I honestly don’t think there can be any other way for one to wear something comfortably in this weather (unless you wear…. Nothing. I’m kidding).


My blockmates, Sam and Leigh, proclaimed that Wednesdays are (NOT when we wear Pink but) skirts + boots day! Following the “dress code”, I wore the top that remind me of Taylor Swift (for some odd reason) and my (super soft) velvet skirt.


Most of my blockmates have been judging me for being all $w@g. Sorry, I can’t help it. 


Almost every blockmate of mine asked me if my glasses had a prescription but they actually don’t. I’m just really a sucker for pretty pairs of spectacles. I actually lost a pair while we were in New York. </3 


My first pair of boots! I honestly had this mindset that I can never pull off a pair of boots because it isn’t really my style, but fortunately, these babies from Shoe Cult by NASTY GAL changed my mind. They’re amazing. 

Spectacles from Cool Cats Manila | Knit striped top from NAVA | Red Velvet skirt from Artful Fashion | Frilly socks from Daiso | Black boots from Shoe Cult by NASTY GAL

Do forgive me for the quality of my photos for I’ve been using my phone’s camera to take really quick outfit shots along the corridors of my school. Lots of love (once again) to my blockmate, Bernie, for taking these photos. 

I’m actually planning on blogging more about college life so do expect more posts from me soon. Yay! How’s everyone so far? School’s about to start (or has actually started) for some, right? 


May 28, 2014 / 22 ♥ / Comments

My last blog post was posted exactly two months and a day ago and here I am finally updating my very inactive blog! Yay! I named this post as “First” because this would be my first blog post as a college student. Yes, this is a big deal.

For the past week I’ve been too lazy to actually dress-up for college so I’ve been wearing a random top and a pair of jeans. But today, I’ve finally decided to wear something different. Yay. 


I’ve been into maxi skirts for a while now and I love this floral maxi skirt I got from the thrift shop! I feel like a princess whenever I wear it. 


Details of the top and the skirt (the embroidery of my top’s actually really pretty! Too bad I wasn’t able to take a nicer photo of it.)



This photo was taken during our Color Theory class where we basically just made a color wheel and painted it for 3 hours. Being able to attend every class last week, I’d say that Color Theory would be my favorite class for this term. Who wouldn’t love a class where you’ll be asked to paint most of the time? ♥ We finished early so I asked my friend if we could take photos near the window because it looked pretty. And yes, creeper Celina face. 


It still hasn’t really processed in my mind that I’m actually a college student now. Gone were the days when I’d have a difficult time to find a day where there’s perfect sunlight that shows at our living room, setting-up the tripod, and going back-and-forth from the camera to our white wall. Hello, however, to a new life in college. No more white blouses and gingham midi skirts. And yes, hello to future outfit-repeats. Haha! 


Embroidered Top | Thrifted Floral maxi skirt | Madden Girls by Steve Madden glittered oxfords | White Ice Watch

I’m hoping to be able to document more of my outfits in the future. Please do anticipate my future blog posts which will contain lots of photos (and random stories) from my trip to the USA last April (to May)! I’m also working on a new layout so I’ll most probably release it before my birthday wee ♥ I hope you like my outfit! 

Thank you to my blockmate, Bernie, for taking my photos and for being patient with me and my random poses (and twirls). Do expect me to ask you to take more in the future. Hihi ♥

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Summer with ZALORA

March 27, 2014 / 13 ♥ / Comments

I’ll be leaving for the US in two weeks and we’ll be hopping from one place to another which I’m both excited and nervous of. One of the things I’m most excited of is our Disney Cruise wherein we’ll be going to the Bahamas! I can’t wait to go to their beautiful beaches ahhh 

Due to excitement, I decided to make outfits from ZALORA which I’d probably wear on a summer day. Here’s my first! 


From Mango

  • Triangle Metal Bracelet - Add a touch of gold to compliment your outfit with this bracelet! Yay for minimal accesorizing!


  • Strip Panel Top - Show a bit of skin with this top! A white top is perfect for a summery day because it doesn’t absorb the heat from the sun. 

From Sunnies by Charlie

  • Peggy Sunnies - Protect your eyes with a pair of fabulous sunnies from Sunnies by Charlie!

I’m actually planning on purchasing the sandals for our trip! They remind me of cotton candy ♥♥ I hope you guys liked the outfit I made! 

There are numerous items you can go through at ZALORA and with the fabulous brands they currently have (and are planning to launch), you’ll definitely fall in love with the website. 

GOOD NEWS! Since I’m a part of their Brand Ambassador Program, you can get a 15% Discount from my blog! My discount code is: ZBAPD6Q ♥ Find anything pretty on the website? Order now and you can pay them on-the-spot when your order arrives (cash on delivery)! No more bank deposits or money remittances and if you’re not quite contented with your order, they offer a 30-day return period. Oh and did I mention that they offer FREE SHIPPING? YAY 

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I disabled all anonymous questions! So do send all your anonymous questions on my 

Thank you! 


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March 08, 2014 / 21 ♥ / Comments


(Yes, I’m sitting on a Little Tikes table.)

February was a month filled with so many firsts, so many spontaneity, and good (or even bad) memories. I joined our school’s fashion show for the first (and last) time, booked a trip to Korea with my bestfriend, and appreciated life more — through the #100HappyDays project hihi)



But now that it’s March, ibang usapan na ‘to. (This is a different matter) March is the month of lasts. 


They say the value of something becomes far greater than it ever was once it’s gone. For the past 13 years, I was shaped into who I am now in a place I can call home. 

Senior year has become such a rollercoaster (oooh so cliche) though I must really admit that it was. I met new friends that I can say will be the ones I’ll cherish forever. Though 10 months may sound long — as I have called it when school started; when I was a bit scared myself for what is there to come given my utter fear and worries from when I first saw our class list after its release; once you’ve met the right people, you realize that 10 months is a short time for you to be with the people you’ll be missing after you walk down the aisle in your white toga. 



Honestly, when it was the season of CETs and other college-related things, I was still indecisive on what I really want for myself in the future. I felt scared. 


I still am, really. But fortunately, I’m kind of sure of what I want now. Kind of.



(Also, many thanks to Midnight Bonanza by ML for sending me their lovely tops including the one I’m wearing here! I’ll be blogging about them on a different post.)

Camouflage top from Midnight Bonanza | Leatherette shorts & Black Beanie from NAVA | Navy Blue parka from Billabong c/o Camille Duque | Black platform sneakers from Charlotte Russe

School’s ending in two weeks and I’m honestly unprepared to leave my home for the past 13 years. What I really love, though, is that the people I love are supporting me and helping me as I go through life with so many questions and problems in life (except for my seatmates Chelsea and Camille for ruining my life through K-pop) (just kidding hehe I love you guys special mention yie) and they help me solve them. ♡ 

My priorities in life are still as confuzzling as ever. School, happiness, college, friends — these are the opposing forces that keep my life balanced at the moment. 

Photos by Aly Cruz ♡


February 14, 2014 / 21 ♥ / Comments





Thrifted Batwing cardigan | Forever 21 Cream-colored top | Forever 21 belt | Thrifted floral pants | Flipped Out Cockatoos floral oxfords 

I’ve taken a lot of interest into loose (and very comfortable) clothing for the past months and it makes me feel like a grandmother. The floral pants I’m wearing are actually my current favorite and I’d always wear it when I’m too lazy to formulate outfits when my mom decides to drag me along to different places. AND, they’re thrifted — bought them for Php 70! The ends were actually loose so I sewed garters at the ends and YAY PRETTY FLORAL PANTS. I actually call them my “ahjumma pants” (ahjumma means married/older woman in Korean) because ahjumma’s in Korea are famous for wearing floral print pants; so here’s my take! Did I give justice to the ahjumma fashion? 

Also, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! I spent the day with my friends and classmates and I didn’t feel lonely at all — despite not having a Valentine this year (just like the past 17 years of my existance!) Hope you guys had (or are still having) a great Valentine’s as well (with or without a Valentine)! Hihi ♡

Photos by Kam Almonte & Chelsea Toledo 


February 08, 2014 / 31 ♥ / Comments






Striped top from NAVA | Black skirt from ROMWE | Black Mary Jane heels from Lovely Wholesale | POPCORN bag from ROMWE | Heart socks from Forever 21 | Phantom of the Opera necklace from my princess, Joey 

Though my blog title contains two digits that don’t have any relevance to anything in my life right now, it’s actually from Taylor Swift — because a striped, black-and-white knit top and a black skirt gave me Taylor Swift vibes. (Special mention to my friend Delar who loves her!!) Also, meet my chihuahua Bruce on the first photo!! He’s the clingiest and I love him to bits. ♡

Anyway, I’ve been resorting into using my iPhone rather than a digital camera or a DSLR for the past months due to its convenience. Although the quality isn’t as perfect as the ones from a real camera, I’m just actually really lazy to set-up everything (from tripods to self-timers), edit them on Photoshop (when VSCO exists), and do other things.

Now as for updates on my life: (1) I passed DLSU and CSB; (2) I might actually choose CSB over DLSU because of college program reasons; (3) I have a few weeks left as a High School Senior; and (4) I’m currently diagnosed with Senioritis and it. is. not. good. 

Life updates aside, here’s to my first post of the month and also my second post of the year! And as happy as it sounds, realistically speaking, it’s not. I’m becoming a really bad blogger now with all the inactivity and laziness and I’d like to apologize to everyone I’ve let down. School and life in general has been making me busy (and/or lazy) and although there were times wherein I’d be all “oh I should draft a blog post right now”, it wouldn’t turn out as productive as I’d expected it to be.

Well, High school’s almost over so do expect more blog posts in the near future!

How is everyone? Feel free to talk to me on Twitter Tumblr or check out my Instagram because I’m more active there right now or might as well comment using the Disqus widget below!! I’ll definitely try to reply to everything as soon as possible. :-)

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